Shower drains for educated clients

Did you know that there was a time when customers didn’t have a word to say when changing a shower drain? Did you know that, not so long ago, when someone moved to a new house and asked for the plumbing to be replaced him or she had no choice to make? Well, not any longer! Customers have become educated since then and now they can make any changes they want, from the smallest and most insignificant ones, to the ones which will have a greater impact on their lives.

And changing the shower drainage system is an important choice to be made, one which may seem insignificant. And many people tend to leave this choice aside and make it their last one – you shouldn’t be one of those people. Just imagine changing everything in the wet room, except for the drainage system – what happens if the best shower drain system you chose (because you like, because it is more performant, because whatever) doesn’t really fit? Will you tear down the wet room or will you choose some drain system you don’t find suited to your needs?Shower drains for educated clients

Now, thank goodness, there are plenty of choices to be made – from the most basic and cheapest drains to the most modern ones. And what you need to do is choose the one you like the most, as well as the one which fits your needs.

For example, for larger families, a drain with a larger opening will be needed, especially if it is a family with children. For couples, smaller openings will be just fine – and you can choose either traditional point drains, either linear ones, either ready-made floor drains, with a drainage system incorporated.

And these are the three options between which everybody must choose. The traditional point drains are the ones used in most of the households – basically, they resemble small holes in the ground, usually in the centre of the wet room or of the shower room floor. It is easy to understand that these traditional drains are also incorporated in the ready-made shower room floors.

But the latest shower channel drain systems, as far as technology is concerned, are the linear drains, which are way better than the traditional ones. They can handle easily a larger volume of water, they are easy to maintain, they are more difficult to clog – and they are actually more stylish in their design. Say goodbye to the holes in the ground, as we called them – the linear drains are tight channels which can barely be spotted and which are placed beside one of the walls.

For that matter, they are also easier (much easier, that is) to install, when compared to the traditional drains. For example, with the latter drains we mentioned, you had to have a concentric inclination of the floor tiles, towards the drain. And it is pretty difficult to do that all by yourself and reduce the risk of water infiltrations. With the linear drains, the tiles should have just a small tilt towards the wall where they are placed – so it is much easier.

But, of course, the choice is all yours to be made. And you need to do it and it should be among the very first that you do.

Give us a call and our teams of professional technicians will be at your disposal. No matter what kind of shower floor drain systems you will choose, you will certainly find satisfaction. Whether moving to a new home, whether making a facelift to your older one, call us – and then enjoy your baths and your showers, as anybody should.

The best offer for the cold season

The hot season seems to be just a distant memory – but that doesn’t mean that it won’t be back again. For those moments to come, and not only, this is the perfect time to search for a swimming pool! When could you get such discounts and special offers other than off-season?

We have everything that could make a hot day more enjoyable. From the basic inflatable swimming pools to the most modern inground and above the ground swimming pools, you can find everything with us. And, if you also purchase the accessories, you can expect further discounts! So what if it is already cold outside and what if it is already snowing? These days will be over – and when that will happen, you will be already prepared for some splashy fun in the sun. Take advantage of our special offer now and you will congratulate yourself when it will finally be hot again!

If you are searching for swimming pools for sale you must have certainly considered all the alternatives. And the first one must be the inflatable swimming pools, which are very low maintenance and which can be stored easily during the cold or rainy days. We have various models prepared for you, of various sizes and shapes, made from the most durable materials.

And, since this is the season with the lowest prices for inflatable swimming pools, you can even consider purchasing more than one! Thus, for adults, you can place an order for a bigger one, whereas for the kids you can choose any of our more shallow models. And, since you have already chosen them, maybe you should give a thought or two to purchasing some accessories as well.

If you plan on using the swimming pool as soon as you’ve purchased it (indoors, of course), you should also consider buying a disinfectant of some sorts – for starters, you can try a chlorine based disinfectant and see how that works. We also have special offers for tarps and other types of coverings, which will come in handy during the hot season – if you have found a swimming pool for sale, you should buy a cover of some sorts and spare yourself the time of picking leaves and bugs from the water.

Other accessories you might consider include plastic chairs and tables for the children, shades, chaise lounges, and so on. If you can buy them now, at the lowest prices, why wouldn’t you?

Of course, there are also the other alternatives – which are the above the ground swimming pools, the inground swimming pools, and the indoor swimming pools. Give us a call and find out more about the special offers for these types also. In any way, no matter what kind of model you want, you will certainly find a more than affordable answer with us.

So there you have it – the cold season is indeed the best one in which you should buy a new swimming pool. Even if you end up not using it until the hotter days arrive (unless you choose an indoor swimming pool, of course), you will have benefited from the lowest prices and the best discounts.

So search now for a swimming pool for sale in UK – search with us and you will have the best deals ever!

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