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    Sealant series - HY705 mercerizing sealant 【Back】
    Main ingredients:

    High quality resin

    Specifications: 5L

    Performance characteristics:

    HY705 can penetrate stone floor wool stoma and microfracture, and form a layer of transparent protective film on the back of the stone, microfracture and wool stoma block stone, can effectively prevent hua, spit yellow, rusty spot, water spots and other stone material the happening of the disease.Make wet cling stone to dry hanging stone as waterproof effect, good alkali resistance performance.At the same time also can be used for rough stone of brightening.

    Scope of application:

    Suitable for all kinds of stone material, plate, wool board blackened by fire, ax chop plate, stone and other stone manufacture seal protection, can deepen the color of stone material and graces.

    The main technical parameters:

    1. Appearance: colorless transparent liquid

    2. Specific gravity: 0.9

    3. Waterproof: u u u u u

    4. Paint: u u u u u

    5. Alkali resistance: u u u u u

    6. The cement bond: don't fall

    Packing: packed in plastic drum/drum 5 l


    1. Must be dry, stone surface is clean before you use the stone need to handle;

    2. Products with stirring stick before using a stir effect more.

    3. The protective agent directly even brush with the brush on the stone floor, crisscrossed with brush one to two times (after the order of merit again slightly dry sticky brush again the second time).

    4. Can be installed in the construction of the processed stone after curing.

    5. Stone facade with corresponding protective agent has better effect to use with.


    1, suggest to unfamiliar stone do small sample test, for at least 24 hours for the response.

    2, keep out reach of children.

    3, according to the inflammable material storage.

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