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    Sealant series - HY605 stone base interface agent 【Back】
    Main ingredients:

    High quality resin

    Specifications: 5L/20L

    Scope of application:

    Suitable for all kinds of stone floor, after waterproofing treatment need to improve and the bond strength of cement products.Such as natural stone, brick, ceramic, concrete, cement mortar and so on.

    Product performance:

    This product has excellent adhesion performance.Can effectively improve the waterproof processing of all kinds of stone material base and cement or other adhesion stick relay of the products.To prevent stone of empty drum as a result of adhesive performance degradation phenomenon, effectively prevent the alkali infiltration FanJian phenomena from the bottom of the stone up.Excellent performance of soft, can very good solve stone delaminating problem caused by heat bilges cold shrink.It has excellent chemical resistance.When in contact with food products after curing, no toxicity, not harmful to human body.


    1. The stone material surface as dry as possible, otherwise it will affect the adhesion of interface agent.

    2. Will the waterproof of the processed stone floor level is put up, and then put its bottom interface agent evenly brush horizontal vertical again again to the stone surface, can be closed after 5 hours for surface drying plate.

    3. Stone material surface temperature below 4 ℃, unfavorable construction.

    4. The cap must be locked when not in use, exposed to the air can make the solidification in the container.

    5. Stored in ventilated dry place, prevent sun point-blank, in transportation and storage temperature 5 ℃ above.


    1. High acid curing environment unfavorable to the product.

    2. Product besmear brushs construction because after waterproof treatment of stone with hydrophobic properties may appear water phenomenon, belongs to the normal phenomenon, after drying.

    3. Keep out reach of children.

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