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    Limestone protective agent series - HY305 limestone special protective agent 【Back】
    Main ingredients:

    Fluorine silicon compounds

    Specifications: 5L/20L

    Scope of application:

    Applicable to various types of limestone, such as: white sands cream-colored, Germany cream-colored, sinai pearl, Portugal cream-colored, etc.

    Product performance:

    Kind of stone are mainly sedimentary rock stone, limestone is given priority to with sedimentary rock, without crystalline metamorphism, so the structure strength is low, the density is small, high porosity, bibulous rate is large, main component is calcium carbonate.The type of protective agent can effectively penetrate the stone wool stoma and stone fully combine to form a lasting protective layer, a trace on the surface, stone material don't change color, does not affect the stone material permeability, effectively prevent water permeability, prevent water and all kinds of pollution from external invasion, excellent acid-proof alkaline, effective worth erosion of alkali in cement ingredients, can effectively prevent stone water spots, hua, spit yellow wait for all sorts of pathological changes occur, with excellent aging resistance, ultraviolet resistance, oil resistance.When in contact with food products after curing, no toxicity, not harmful to human body.


    1. The stone material must be dry, the stone surface is clean, keep the place well ventilated.

    2. The protective agent directly with brush besmear to brush on the stone surface, crisscross full besmear to brush, shall not be omitted, brush after should have a certain amount of stone material surface protective agent for its absorption.Protective agent can handle per liter stone 8-30 square meters (depending on the absorption rate and the surface of stone material).

    3. Under the protective agent of stone material, room temperature has protective effect after 5 hours.Natural curing a week after the protective effect is best, 8 hours can not contact with rain.

    4. Dry hanging construction of limestone, should choose HY305 six surface protection, can also use HY205 six surface protection, but poor resistance to fouling.

    5. Wet stick construction of marble:
    Plan 1: use HY305 positive, side and underside use HY705 processing 2 times, to form a sealed membrane surface layer.
    Scheme 2: use HY305, positive side and the underlying use HY205 finally followed by a layer of HY605 (permeability effect is extremely strong, especially with the stone material of tiny crack should be adopted in order to achieve the best effect of the ratio of the scheme.)

    6. This product can be in winter (below 0 ℃) in low temperature environment.But the cure time will be extended accordingly.Summer construction should prevent stone floor excessive exposure, which leads to the surface temperature is too high (more than 50 ℃) otherwise, reagent rate rise caused by dry too fast, and prevents the coating permeability.

    7. The original packing seal storage life two years, two years later after the test protective effect is the same, still can continue to use.


    1. The high acid environment conducive to the product curing (stone after acid cleanser, must be the residual acid neutralization with sodium carbonate solution to neutral, or make the maintenance and failure).

    2. Suggest to unfamiliar stone do small sample test, for at least 24 hours for the response.

    3. Any contact with harsh chemicals and cleaning, may affect its useful life.

    4. According to the inflammable material storage.

    5. Keep out reach of children.

    Emergency disposal:

    1. The eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water after 15 minutes, and please accept the treatment of eye doctor.

    2. The suction gas, please immediately transferred to the fresh air, and treated by doctors.

    3. Please accept the doctor diagnosed after eating.

    4. When in contact with skin, wash immediately with water and soap, please.

    Production date: see the bottle

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