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    cleaner - HY26 oil removal cream 【Back】

    Professional powerful oil removal products, designed for natural stone, artificial stone and tile development, the most advanced formula, can penetrate deeply, the removal of base material internal oil, and leave the citrus scent, no residue, don't change the stone color.Suitable for kitchen table, floor, stone crafts, ceramic tile and porcelain face, etc.

    Specifications: 1L

    Product features:

    Internal stubborn oil stains, deeply remove stone material

    , no residue, stone material don't change color

    Solvent, natural orange flavor, smell is pure and fresh

    Product safety, easy to use

    Method of use:

    In inconspicuous small area to test, how to determine the required results.Ensure clean and dry surface, no wax or other coating.To ensure the construction site at the time of operation to ventilation.

    With a plastic or wooden spatula, mixed stirring decontamination creams;

    , with about 0.5 mm thickness of the paste daub on the stain, ensure daub range than the stain on the edge of the 25 ~ 50 mm;

    Don't cover, for 48 ~ 72 hours, after making the paste into completely solidified into a powder, powder;

    , if there is residual stains after removal has not been divided, can repeat this process;

    With mineral solvent cleaning tools, cleaning residue;

    Maintenance: in order to prevent regional pollution again after cleaning, after the cleaning needs powerful protective agent for their own protection.In order to protect the natural appearance of stone material, the proposal chooses HY - anti-pollution stone curing agent.


    Avoid contact by a child, do not mix with other chemicals used, do not use after freezing.
    Flammable, please stay away from fire.After opening the cover tight tank cover, otherwise it will dry up on the interior of the tank.

    Storage methods: cool (less than 38 ℃) closed for 18 months

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