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    cleaner - HY25 multi-functional rust remover 【Back】
    Product features:

    excellent permeability, can penetrate stone, deep cleaning and decontamination

    Derusting, stone material is simple rapid and does not return after using yellow, don't change the stone color

    Remove tablets on algae, mold, shading and moss, and so on

    Clear the plaster, lime residues on the SLATE, weathering and other hardened sediments

    Specifications: 1L


    Surface treatment: the surface must be clean, no water, no wax and other attached objects

    Stone dry: can be used in wet wet surface, but should make surface drying as far as possible in order to achieve the best effect

    Construction technology: wear gloves when using, with roller or brush, saturated uniform coating in stone material surface, such as 5 minutes after use clean water to remove;Granite deep cleaning decontamination;Shop with clean white cloth or cotton on the stone, drizzle penetrating for a few minutes.Repeat the effect is much better.

    The late maintenance: wash cloth and wipe the surface residual, dry;Advice to dry cleaning brush for optimal HY series oily after curing agent can achieve ideal protection effect.

    Cover: about 10 ~ 20 square metres per liter (undiluted)


    Construction, please wear gloves and masks, splash on the skin to the body and wash as soon as possible

    Please use in a well-ventilated place, don't smell gas rising mist

    Surface cleaning, can be used for marble, but has minor damage surface luminosity

    Please do not open place for a long time, so as to avoid failure

    , if found the bottle ballooning please open in time, so as not to burst

    Avoid contact with children, avoid eating

    Production date: see the bottle

    Storage methods: cool storage at room temperature, the quality assurance for two years

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