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    cleaner - HY23 cleaning and maintenance in one 【Back】

    Used to nurse daily cleaning products with aromatic odor, can prevent microbial growth.In stone material surface after use form an invisible protective layer,

    Specifications: 1L

    Makes the surface to form a protective layer is not necessarily, causes the surface with soil resistance, easier to clean.Suitable for kitchen table, floor, stone crafts, ceramic tile and porcelain face, etc.

    Product features

    1. Cleaning and maintenance, washing combined.

    2. Clear dirt and grease, prevent microbial growth.

    3. The neutral formula, daily use will not damage the stone.

    4. Is very suitable for kitchen and dressing table maintenance.

    5. Smell is pure and fresh, easy to use.

    Method of use

    1. The cleaning fluid can be used directly, can also according to is smudgy degree 1:1 ~ 1:2 with hot water use.

    2. Can be used to clean dishcloth, sponge, application of mop or watering can, if necessary,
    Can choose brush or light ground floor cleaner.

    3. In order to get better effect, can let the cleaner on the stone material surface stranded 1 ~ 15 minutes (not allowed by surface dry).

    4. Use a sponge, wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to remove solution, dry it directly.

    5. Avoid accidents, such as dry cleaning area and put into use.

    The construction area of

    1. Depending on the application of the surface porous, structure and application method of one litre is usually applied to 10 ~ 20 square meters.

    Matters needing attention

    1. Avoid being kids, not mixed with other chemicals to use.Do not use after freezing.

    2. Such as using a mop bucket, please replace frequently cleaning fluid, lest dirt precipitation, soil pollution migration stone.

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