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    cleaner - HY20 concrete thin layer remover 【Back】

    Professional strong acidic cleaner, clean for ceramic tile and jointing make it fresh.Can remove stone material surface plaster, affordable residue, hard water stain, jointing efflorescence, weathering and foam detergent stains.It adopts advanced detergent formula can remove the most stubborn stains.

    Specifications: 1L

    Product features

    Removal of lime mud, hard water stains;

    Remove seam color white;

    Remove wind fossils;

    Remove the detergent left bubble stains;

    Method of use

    Construction preparation: in a small area of the first places to experiment to test results, powerful cleaner will make some color darker.For metals, breast wall and the connecting area does not need to clean the surface of the protection should first, to avoid the spill caused by corrosion.Clean the surface before application, the residue hua to remove as much as possible, help cleaning fluid infiltration.

    The construction area of

    Depending on the application on the surface of the porous structure and application method.Application is usually a liter of fish 10 ~ 20 square meters.

    Matters needing attention

    Avoid contact by a child, do not mix with other chemicals, please do not use after freezing.
    This recipe for marble, limestone and travertine have corrosion, have corrosion on the metal surface.

    The construction application

    Cleaning fluid can be used directly, can also according to is smudgy degree 1:1 ~ 1:2 ratio of hot water use

    Can choose clean dishcloth, sponge, mop or watering can.If necessary, can choose light grinding brush or floor cleaner.

    In order to get better effect, can let the cleaner on the stone material surface stranded 1 ~ 15 minutes (not allowed by surface dry).

    Use a sponge, wet/dry vacuum cleaner or a damp cloth to remove solution, rinse clean area

    To avoid an accident, such as clean area dry before put into use

    The late maintenance: in order to prevent regional pollution again after cleaning, need a potent protective agent for protection after cleaning.In order to protect the natural appearance of stone material, it is recommended that the infiltration stone curing agent selects the BS - 804.

    Packing specification

    1000 ml/bottle
    The effective date

    A cool (less than 38 ℃) closed for 18 months

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