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    Marble dirt cleaning and protection
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    When it comes to marble cleaning, you might think this is a very difficult thing.If you spend a lot of money to install marble floor tile, wall brick, mesa and other decorative structure, then you must take special care to keep the beauty of the marble.There are several ways to maintain the luster of the marble.

    You may find there are some stubborn stain marble mesa.There is no way to remove these.The reason is that the marble natural porous.Marble is easy to absorb spilled.So, if you use acid cleaning marble, you will find in the marble surface corrosion marks.Any scratch beneath the beauty of the marble.

    When using the marble you have to take some preventive measures.Never use vinegar or any other type of acid cleaning marble products.Marble is very sensitive, can only use neutral mild detergent to clean.Please remember, weak acid in vinegar can destroy the luster of the marble floor all day.When clean marble must use a neutral detergent.The following points need to be aware of when is clean marble.

    First of all, you need to take special care.Treat marble like expensive wood furniture.Don't put the glass on the marble surface directly.One thousand spill to clear in time.Don't let the stains left for a long time on the marble.

    Regularly clean marble floor.Best method is to use cloth to remove all residues.Regularly use cold water to wet the marble top.Do not use hot water.Unless marble floor with hard objects without scrubbing the floors.Use mild detergent to clean the marble.

    If you want to dry and polished marble available dry towel or paper towels.Sometimes you'll find the marble need to deep clean.Cleaning for marble is far from enough.In this case, what you need is not only a mild detergent.You can consider to buy high quality marble cleaning products.To follow the manufacturer's instructions.Buying marble marble polishing agent seal when necessary.Don't buy strong cleaning products.

    Beer, wine, tea and citrus juices will damage the marble elegance.Clean the stains, hydrogen peroxide mix a few drops of ammonia solution with a clean cloth marble to restore its luster.

    Cooking oil can contaminate marble or other types of oil products.Therefore, to wash immediately with soap and water clean.

    Daily cleaning marble tiles to remove stain to prevent staining.

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