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    • Urgent notice of hubei wuhan environmental protection bureau in the town of wushan stone material enterprise environmental improvement meeting
      Urgent notice: wushan government, environmental protection bureau in wushan town environmental improvement supervisor meeting notice, the central environmental protection inspectorate has stationed in wuhan, hubei, 25 November 26 have received two and…
    • "Hot spots" as county stone industry province key industry cluster The future development is significant.
      Recently, the province shall be tested and approved by the letter committee announced key growth industry cluster of hubei province as a result, with the county stone industry cluster in hubei province in 2016 focused on growth of industrial cluster.S…
    • [news] fujian stone in jeopardy?And has more than 212 stone enterprises shut down!
      AoJiang, fujian 6 river, as the second water source, fuzhou AoJiang watershed water quality attention.Once rippling river, once put on the hat of the milk river.For two years, fuzhou to AoJiang basin comprehensive treatment, and began to "face" to be …
    • 【Stone radiation radiation 】 big?
      One, stone material radiation, and the other a comedy for many yearsThe radioactive source in nature, from where?From ore.But, this does not mean that stone has a problem, cannot use.You scoop out a pile of rubbish from the ocean, you can't say the s…
    • Stone industry in 2016 "hot word" list
      In 2016, the stone industry faces huge obstacles and challenges, and even can be said to be the stone are the most difficult one year.Because environment winter, national policy influence, the impact of the Internet wave, etc., make the whole moving i…
    • [technology] how to let the stone brick effect best?
      Stone is a kind of special bridal chamber decorates the adornment material, become another new favorite of the interior decoration.Stone the adornment result that failed to reach goals most of the problem is not from the stone itself, but because peop…
    • Introduction to marble crystal care how to do
      Marble stone, also known as the "yunnan stone" or "/", "pale stone", is the byname of yunnan marble, in yunnan point features peculiar to stone.Chemical composition of carbonate gray crystals, composed of limestone geological changes after one thousan…
    • Stone stone curtain wall console scaffold erection of right way to not repeat the tragedy
      Granite (black sands) panel need special maintenance, so that they can keep the beauty in the years.Although granite scratch resistant, but still need to this kind of material properly panel for maintenance.The following is appropriate to follow some …
    • In view of the building with stone material maintenance knowledge is introduced
      In recent years due to the deterioration of the natural environment, dust, industrial waste gas, vehicle exhaust gas, acid rain and other pollution, more and more serious, easy to cause the pollution of building stone.The following will building stone…
    • Marble dirt cleaning and protection
      When it comes to marble cleaning, you might think this is a very difficult thing.If you spend a lot of money to install marble floor tile, wall brick, mesa and other decorative structure, then you must take special care to keep the beauty of the marbl…
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